Bendigo gardens
This photograph shows a bridge over the Bendigo Creek into the open-air fernery in Rosalind Park. The Creek was the site of much alluvial gold mining in the early days of the gold rush in Bendigo. Nowadays locals and tourists use the Park as a relaxation area from the hustle and bustle of business in the down town shopping centre. The Park also provides access to Bendigo's beautifully restored Capital Theatre, the City's Performing Arts Centre. Just near the Capital is Bendigo's Art Gallery containing an outstanding collection of paintings from the colonial period to the present day. The Gallery also has an extensive collection of British and Continental paintings and decorative arts especially porcelain, silver and furniture.
The Performing Arts Centre and the Art Gallery are both located in View Street, a tourist precinct in Bendigo.
Rosalind Park thus provides access to both the central commercial heart of Bendigo as well as to its cultural and historical heart.
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Last updated: 28th February 2015